Ruxandra Meinze

1300 Moore Spring Ct , 21716 Brunswick, Maryland, MD United States of America

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What is your business niche?: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Products, Aromatherapy, Safety of Essential Oils, Sleep & Insomnia

Additional specialties you offer?: Workshops in Person

Other area of business: My main area of work is PTSD, due to my husband being a retired veteran with PTSD, and more recently Holistic Gut Health, since so many of our ailments are a reflection of our gut health or lack thereof.

Education: Aromatherapist, Level 1, Essential Oil Specialist, Skincare Formulator

Schools attended and other Information: Studying at Aromahead Institute for Level 2 certification and completed Anatomy & Physiology for ACP, Aromatherapy for Natural Living, Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program, Body Butters & Lip Balms, Natural Anxiety Reliefe, Protect Your Family from COld & Flu with them. Currently enrolled in the Advanced Holistic Gut Health Specialist Certification course with JennScents Aromaversity. Tisserand Institute, Formulation 1, 2 & 3, currently enrolled in Constituent Spotlight and enrolling in the new Aroma Psychology class. Botanical Resins & Gum Course at Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine. Enrolled in various classes with Colleen Quinn.


Social Media Accounts: Facebook

Languages: English, German, Romanian