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What is the story of AromaConnect?


We have been around the block as a community of alternative health professionals. We have helped hundreds of people with very different ailments and questions about Aromatherapy, Herbalism, and the safety of essential oils and herbs.


What was missing to this point was a platform like this: AromaConnect, an easily accessible platform of professionals categorized by their expertise from around the world, so you can now find someone near you that can help you with your individual needs. 



For our users that need to get questions answered:


At AromaConnect, our mission is to help those that are interested in alternative health solutions such as Aromatherapy, Herbalism, and Natural Skincare Solutions.


Essential Oils and Herbs are medicine and they have been for thousands of years. Medicine of the nature that surrounds us. Hundreds of kilograms of plant materials are packaged into small bottles or sold as dried herbs, tinctures, extracts, absolutes, and cold-pressed products. The strongest and most fascinating force of healing properties sits in hundreds if not thousands of plants. The only barrier for you as a user of Essential Oils and Herbs is the knowledge Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Cosmetic Formulators can give you. See us as the bridge between you and a natural healing opportunity as well as preventive care.


  • We want those who use essential oils to be safe right away. 
  • We want our nature to stay intact. Sourcing of plant materials should be done in the most sustainable way possible. We go by the concept “less is more,” especially when working with Essential Oils.
  • Even if it seems counterintuitive, contacting one of our experts will help you keep your expenses down. Instead of using the internet search engine that leads you down the rabbit hole, and you will find one hundred different opinions for one question, why not go straight to the source of information?
  • Experience quick results due to customized services.
  • Learn from our experts and implement helpful recipes and techniques right away at home. 

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Thank you for stopping by, and please enjoy scrolling through some truly amazing people!

Katrin Birkholz

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