Tresa Marie Staeven

3106 km

6385 Sherbrooke West , H4B 1N1 Montreal, Quebec Canada

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What is your business niche?: Allergies, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Children up to 6, Children 7-12, Children Teens, Headaches & Migraines, Pain Management, Pregnancy & Post Partum, Products, Aromatherapy, Sleep & Insomnia

Additional specialties you offer?: Events (Wedding, Corporate, etc.), Workshops in Person

Other area of business: Flower Essences, Reflexology 'M' Technique practitioner

Education: Aromatherapist, Level 3

Schools attended and other Information: Belarome Holistic, Health & Learning Centre, R.J. Buckle Associates - 'M' Technique Practitioner, École Setsuko - Certifications in Reflexology, Flower Essences

How do you describe yourself in your business (CCA, RN, etc.): Formerly employed in the software IT industry, in my own personal search to look for products that are safe and not filled with additives, I encountered the world of aromatherapy and came to understand the wealth that essential oils can offer if used correctly. Now, I have left the corporate world and I have become a Certified Aromatherapist. I can now focus solely on aromatherapy and bringing this gift to all in not only a safe and reliable manner, but also one that is personalized to reflect our own individuality.


Social Media Accounts: Instagram

Languages: English