Savannah Reed, AVA

5101 Sacandaga Rd Galway

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What is your business niche? : Animal, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Products, Aromatherapy

Additional specialties you offer? : Courses

Other area of business: Aromatherapy consults for both people and pets. I would like to teach essential oil safety in the future.

Education: Aromatherapist, Level 1, Essential Oil Specialist

Schools attended and other Information: I am Elite Fear Free Certified, Approved Veterinary Assistant, and certified Animal Aromatherapist. Im Elite Fear Free through Dr. Marty Becker's Fear Free Pets program. Approved Veterinary Assistant through Penn Foster Vet assistant certificate course and passed the AVA test through the NAVTA. Certified Animal Aromatherapist through Dr. Roarck's approved certificate program recognized by the veterinary board. I will be enrolled in animal reiki classes next year.


Social Media Accounts: Facebook

Languages: English