Mathlini-Rosze Cernigoi

10 Runnymede road , 3160 Belgrave , Victoria Australia

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What is your business niche?: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Headaches & Migraines, Pregnancy & Post Partum, Products, Aromatherapy, Products, Natural Skincare, Sleep & Insomnia, Massage Therapist & Aromatherapy Combo

Additional specialties you offer? : Courses, Massage Therapist & Aromatherapy Combo, Workshops in Person, Workshops online

Other area of business: Life Guidance oracle readings, Sound therapy, Crystal therapy, Reiki

Education: Aromatherapist, Level 3, Massage, Reiki

Schools attended and other Information: International Academy of Aromatherapy Aust 1995, British Academy of Sound Therapy, Reiki Master


Social Media Accounts: Facebook

Languages: English