Shane Carper

6722 km

6623 Bayberry Dr. , 46825 Fort Wayne, IN United States of America

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What is your business niche? : Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Article & Blog Writer, Children up to 6, Children 7-12, Children Teens, Headaches & Migraines, Research & Science, Safety of Essential Oils 

Other areas of business: Herbalist & Aromatherapy Combo, Workshops in Person, Workshops online

Education: Aromatherapist, Level 3, Essential Oil Specialist, Reiki

Schools attended and other Information: Tisserand Institute, AromaHead Institute, Institute of Aromatic Studies, Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

How do you describe yourself in your business (CCA, RN, etc.): Qualified Aromatherapist

Social Media Accounts: Facebook (@shanemcarper)

Languages: English